About Us


CCLHO Mission/Purpose


The mission of the California Conference of Local Health Officers (CCLHO) is to prevent disease and improve the health of all California residents. The Conference was established by statute in 1947 to advise the Department of Health Services (now Department of Public Health), other departments, boards, commissions, and officials of federal, state and local agencies, the Legislature and other organizations on all matters affecting health.


Organization and Description of Activities


The membership of the Conference includes the 61 legally appointed physician Health Officers in California, one from each of the 58 counties and the three cities of Berkeley, Long Beach and Pasadena (these are the only cities that have fully-functioning health departments).


The Conference provides a state/local forum for the discussion of significant health issues in order to develop recommendations for appropriate health policy. This includes legislative and regulatory review. The Conference meets semiannually and its Board of Directors meets monthly. Its various program committees consider technical and policy issues in communicable disease control and prevention; chronic disease prevention and health promotion; environmental health; emergency preparedness and response; small jurisdictions and health information and data.


Legal Authorization


California Health and Safety Code Sections 100290, 100295, 100925 and 100950.